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Recharge & Money Transfer, Bill payments.

Tridev Digital is a strong innovation team, our proprietary technology and application are available for retailers, merchants and consumers, on any preferences of access. The services we provide can be accessed from the Web, or through a Mobile Wallet application. Free service Agent can use our portal services and satisfaction can plan upgrade. He can use many services. Free services. - Money Transfer, Mobile recharge electric Bill pay. Pan card and many more.
Register and Get Id - Click join us, fill credential, add wallet balance & start instant.
Features DMT -
                                  Minimeum charges on money transfer.
                                  Auto saved your fevrout trx.
                                  Higly secured tranjections.
                                  Auto reverce pending complents trx.
Features UTI Pan service 
                                  Free authrisied UTI Pan agent
                                  Self maneged e coupans.
                                  Instant and relible activations
                                  e coupan Rs.- 105 only.
Features Bills & recharge.
                                  Faster Prepaid recharge.
                                  Attrative commissions.
                                  Electricty Bill Pay
                                  Gas & Water bills pay.
                                  Postpaid Bills Pay & more.
                            Get Rs 10 in Wallet.

AEPS Service

Become a aeps Agent and start your own Digital shop Service Agent know well known about finencial servises. required documents for agencey, valid PANCARD, Aadhaar card, email, mobile no & sign online agreements. after that start work.
Commissions on withdraw -  Get attrative commission on servisce 
                           Rs.- 100 To Rs.- 3000/-  = 0.28% each Trx
                           Rs.- 3001 To Rs.- 10000/- = 7.00  each Trx
Incentives - Incentive allowed on targeted trx monthly volumes.
Service Panel -   Fast and Secure, secure Login records 24x7 Auto  AI support. Aeps service, Money transfer, Mobile recharge, Electrick bills, Pancard, Water bill, Gas bookings, Postpaid bilss & more.
Best Price     Rs.- 500/-  only.

Become a Distributor and get more.

It is a great opportunity for you, as a distributor you can generate more revenue on every retailer on-boarded by you, earn extra recurring income from the transactions made by the retailers real-time and for lifetime. The best part is, since there are multiple services under one roof you can be a distributor of a service of your choice or of a combination of products and services.
Unique features:-
  • Can on board unlimited number of agents
  • Assign agents to different categories based on the business volume
  • Can set different deals for different category of agents
  • Control panel to manage all the registered agents
  • Accounting reports at the click of a button
  • Product training and marketing materials
  • All services under one single wallet

White Level for enterprises.

Dear partners this is unique opportunity to start working for your own brand. We are ready to provide all the solutions to create your own brand in the industry and enhance its marketing and brand visibility. It is a unique program in which you will be appointing distributors and agents under your own brand and we will manage all the backend technical and operational works.
Some of the unique features:
  • Your own Domain Name as per your choice.
  • Your own brand with your logo
  • Corporate Mail IDs as per your domain for business communication
  • Single wallet for all the different services
  • Complete detailed reports of all the transactions
  • Clear transparent accounting system
  • Brochure & other marketing materials designed specifically for you (Optional
  • Register for more info & explore.
  • Start your own Business with your own Brand.